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  • Lysaght Trimdek
    This robust roof and wall cladding features pronounced ribs and grooved pans, making Trimdek ideal for roofs with a minimum 2-degree pitch. Unlike corrugated roofs, a trim deck roof possesses wider flat trays and more distinctive ribs. It’s fastened to the battens identically to corrugated roofs.
  • Lysaght Kliplok
    Kliplok roofs flaunt substantial ribs extending from the flat pan, suitable for roofs down to a 1-degree pitch. Contrary to Trimdek, Kliplok utilises a clip-on system for attachment to the battens, eliminating the need for screws.
  • Colours
    These materials come in Zincalume and Colorbond roofing colours, enabling property owners to customise the colours to reflect their distinct aesthetic.
  • Material Thickness
    For flat roofs, opting for a metal roof with a Base Metal Thickness of .48mm is recommended. This ensures enhanced durability and minimal denting due to the thicker material.

At Croydon Roof Specialist, our team boasts proficiency in installing, repairing, and replacing a wide range of metal roofs. Your property’s defence against the elements will be secured promptly with our support.

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