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Why replace asbestos, and How do we do it

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Asbestos Roofing Removal Experts

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Opting to replace your asbestos roof presents several advantages:

  • Safeguard your household, eliminating the health risks associated with asbestos.
  • Add tangible financial value to your property.
  • Decrease the structural load on your house, as asbestos is a heavy material.
  • Once replaced, collecting and reusing rainwater from your roof is safe.

When we conduct an initial inspection, we provide a detailed quote for the asbestos roof removal process and discuss options for your new roof, whether you prefer Colorbond, Flat Metal, or Tiled. We’re just a call away for a free, no-obligation quote.

Why Choose Croydon Roof Specialist?



We’re a Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Registered Builder and a Housing Industry Association (HIA) member. Our team includes VBA Licensed Plumbers, individuals with Cert IV in roof plumbing, and those carrying the requisite White Card.


We stand behind our work. Our asbestos roof removal and replacement services come with a 10-year guarantee on our workmanship, a 20-year warranty on materials, and the necessary Compliance Certificate from the VBA.

Qualified Tradespeople

Our tradespeople are more than just workers; they’re certified roof tilers and plumbers trained to deliver top-tier results.
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We proudly provide expert asbestos roof removal and replacement services across the Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs, extending into Inner Melbourne. We’re committed to delivering superior service wherever you are in our service region.

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